For much of my life I have owned a camera. However, it wasn't until the age of digital cameras that photography became what it is for me now. With a compact camera in the late 90's, that took noisy photos at best, I finally felt the freedom to really start shooting.

First, as a way of recording and sharing a view of the world through my gliders' canopy, eventually my camera went everywhere with me. My love of nature has carried my camera and me from mountaintop panoramas to muddy marshland stalking, and being stalked by, insects.

Photography has changed how I see the world and along the way I have discovered that I am always happy with a camera in my hand...

Aircraft Photos

It seems so few have a good photo of their own plane in flight. I've yet to get any of my Cessna 150 or Glasflugel Libelle. Soon...

Since I'm always at fly-in pancake breakfasts, always carry my camera and always taking photos, I thought I might as well make these available. Most will be shots from the ground of aircraft landing or taking-off. However if wanted we can meet in the skies for some air-to-air shots.

As this flying season gets underway, my collection of aircraft will rapidly grow.

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